Powered by volunteers who love squash. Join us.

Meet the kind people behind 'Powered by volunteers who love squash' who create fun digital experiences from Queensland in Australia for squash lovers around the world.

Powered by volunteers who love squash. Join us.
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

A lot goes on behind the scenes to bring you this website and these pages. Here are the people (in no particular order) who do the heavy lifting. We thank them for their time and efforts.

  • Lee Conroy - Submits photos from tournaments and events
  • Craig Stewart (Seize the light) - Provides photos from tournaments and events
  • Sharon Denning - Writes articles, selects photos, sources contributions
  • Marisa Zavatarro - Provides insights for articles, and sources data
  • Helen Watkins - Writes articles, collates tournament results
  • Andrew Elliot - Provides feedback for posters and articles
  • Robyn Prentice - Writes articles, sources content
  • Celina Chin - Reviews media and provides feedback
  • Werfel Thomas - Manages website infrastructure, writes articles, creates posters

We thank our guest writers, social media account managers, and ad-hoc contributors. We consume plenty of inspiring content from the wide squash community that in turn shapes our contributions.

We thank our family and friends who have brainstormed ideas for hours on end, who have proofread meticulously to catch many errors before we published. We thank acquaintances, and the occasional complete strangers, who have provided feedback on our work before and after we publish to the world. Without your priceless commentary, solicited and sometimes unsolicited, this site would be a lot less engaging, and would have been less fun to make.

We acknowledge and thank members who have made significant contributions to  past websites and newsletters. We have drawn on their contributions for current editions.

  • Cathy Aust - Managed the QMSA website, domain and email infrastructure
  • Shirley Dorricott - Researched many of the articles on our website, particularly under the Awards section
  • Debbie Halpern - Published the newsletter
  • Adz Guru (https://adzguru.com.au) - developers of the our main website 2019-20

We thank our present and past committee members for their support, encouragement and guidance.

Committee Members
Get ready to meet the fantastic committee members for 2023-24.

Join us

If you are interested in joining our team, or know someone who is interested, please get in touch with us. Our team will provide an inclusive appreciative environment, show you our ways of doing things, and work with you to identify the best way to use your interest, skills and availability. To contact us, attend one of our calendar tournaments and speak to our volunteers.

Contact Us
To contact us, attend one of our calendar tournaments and speak to our volunteers. If you are unable to do so, you may contact us using the details on this page.