2024 Tournament Calendar

You can view the calendar of tournaments sanctioned by QMSA on this page. You can also download the calendar as a PDF for printing.

2024 Tournament Calendar
Calendar 2024

To enter, you must submit an online entry at https://entry.qmsa.asn.au/

❗️Online entry is mandatory ❗️

Please use the contact number provided in the calendar for exceptions only.

The host centre may not take your entry or submit an entry for you. If they do, they will need to type it into the system. It is easiest and best done by you on your device to avoid errors.

If you need guidance, please talk to the volunteers at our events. We will be happy to walk you through submitting an entry. You save our volunteers a lot of work.

2024 Tournament Calendar - QMSA


  • v6 27-Mar-2024
    * Change Ipswich/Limestone dates, now runs Fri 12-Jul to Sun 14-Jul
  • v5 09-Feb-2024
    * Fix typo in dates for Ipswich/Limestone (Fri to Sun, not Fri & Sun)
  • v4 21-Jan-2024
    * Move State Titles to Labrador
    * Change Gympie start date to 19-Apr
    * Change Ipswich/Limestone start date to Fri 19-Jul (3-day tournament now, like Gympie)