Our QMSA Logo

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the QMSA logo. Embodied within the QMSA emblem is the rich heritage of Queensland, intertwined with the spirit of squash. The logo stands as a testament to the our values, unity, and dedication to squash in Queensland.

Our QMSA Logo
QMSA logo

The QMSA logo is a vibrant outline of Queensland, filled with Queensland maroon pride, an Australia gold border, and the grace of Queensland's cherished floral emblem in full bloom. Embossed below are the letters QMSA, for Queensland Masters Squash Association.

As QMSA members and athletes take to the courts, they do so with the emblem of their association emblazoned on their hearts. Symbols hold the power to evoke a sense of belonging and identity. The QMSA logo stands as a beacon of unity, fostering a community of squash enthusiasts bound together by their shared love for the sport and their beloved Queensland.  

The Iconic Queensland Outline: Strong local community

At first glance, the QMSA logo proudly presents an elegant outline of the state of Queensland, Australia. The shape serves as a powerful emblem of the association's local roots, encapsulating the spirit of the vibrant state that it represents. The decision to incorporate the Queensland map serves as a reminder that the QMSA's mission and vision are deeply intertwined with the heart and soul of this unique region.

The Maroon Filling: Embracing Queensland Pride

The maroon hue that adorns the inner space of the Queensland outline is a tribute to the state's rich sporting heritage. The Queensland state colour maroon has become synonymous with pride, resilience, and strength. By incorporating this hue into the logo, QMSA pays homage to Queensland's sporting history while establishing a strong connection with the local community.

The Australia Gold Border: Celebrating Achievements

Encircling the Queensland outline is the Australia gold border. It radiates an aura of victory, excellence, and achievement. This border symbolises the highest standards upheld by the QMSA and its members. It signifies the association's commitment to fostering a competitive and inclusive environment where athletes can strive for success.

The Cook Town Orchid Bloom: Nurturing Spirit

Adding an elegant touch to the QMSA logo is the inclusion of Queensland's state floral emblem. The cook town orchid signifies the nurturing spirit of the association and its dedication to cultivating a supportive environment for all participants. QMSA seeks to provide the perfect setting for players to grow and flourish in their squash journey, through life.

The outline of Queensland, filled with maroon and adorned with a golden border, showcases a harmonious blend of strength, resilience, and pride, and an aura of victory, excellence and achievement. The inclusion of the state flower symbolises the nurturing environment and growth opportunities that the association provides.

QMSA logo official colours and font

Maroon R-115, G-24, B-44 #73182c (Queensland State colour)
Gold R-255, G-205, B-0 #ffcd00 (Australian National colour)

Light Purple R-239, G-186, B-213 #efbad5
Deep purple R-196, G-115, B-168 #c473a8
(Cook town orchid flower colours)

Text: QMSA (all caps)
Text font: Goudy Old Style BT Bold
or LTC Goudy Oldstyle Pro Bold (prefer)


Green 348c
Gold 116c
Maroon 202c


For good contrast with text and background

  • Use White (#FFFFFF) with Maroon
  • Use Black (#000000) with Gold or Light Purple
  • Do not use Deep Purple in background or text


State colour
On 13 November 2003 the Governor in Council officially named maroon as Queensland’s state colour as a result of a long-held, but informal, tradition of using maroon to represent Queensland.
Queensland Government website page for State colour

Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website page for Australia's national colours

Floral emblem
The Cooktown orchid became known as Queensland’s floral emblem in 1959, during celebrations to mark the state’s centenary.
Queensland Government website page for Floral emblem

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